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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Final exam 5600.002

I'm in the midst of an exam. It's kinda freak-out time. I have to give definitions, explainations, descriptions, etc. for fifty or so terms. I probably have to give complete bibliographic information for all the sources. The terms are somewhere amid twenty-five or so PDF lectures, each forty or so pages. The final is due tomorrow at midnight.

Strategy? I dowloaded all the PDFs to my hard drive and put them into the same folder so that I can use Adobe Acrobat to search all the PDFs at once in that folder. Adobe searches the whole folder and then displays how many files contain the term and how many occurences in each file. Clicking the link that Adobe provides for each file that contains the search term pulls up the pdf to the specific page within the PDF where the term appears. Adobe highlights the term. Now all I have to do is perform fifty or so searches and distill the definition, description, explaination, etc. from the lecture notes into a small paragraph, a hundred or so words in a Word doc, slap on the appropriate header and footer and post the exam into the appropriate assignment drop box.

First term to define: information overload. Ugh.


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