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Sunday, August 27, 2006

New blog

I've got a new blog space up and running. I'm calling it "Gastronomic Tests," after a chapter in The Physiology of Taste. The purpose of Brillat-Savarin's gastronomic tests was to seek out like-minded companions with whom to enjoy the pleasures of the culinary world. I hope to do the same.

This blog, for the most part, will be a log of highpoints in my day-to-day eating and drinking. Maybe I'm a bit naive to think that my readers will enjoy reading about what I eat, but I think I eat really well. I should even think that on reading these little blogs, you might be a bit jealous that you were not dining with me...

I hope to reflect a bit on food as a pleasurable part human culture, and as you'll see, food is something like the "tip of the iceberg," for lying under the surface of any meal (or for that matter any blog about a meal) is an entire world of joy, sorrow, love, loss, and whatever else the human condition can conjure. That's the framework in which I intend to blog, anyway.

I feel like I should end this entry with a nice, big "bon appetit!" a la Julia Childs, but that just might be construed as too contrived.


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