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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things

This afternoon, I was at my desk, working at my computer (the desk and computer that my blog readers have come to know as "Extractions Plaza"), and I heard my mail man pull up. "Good," I thought. "I'm expecting a package." Then I heard him talking on my porch, saying something like "Hey, how're you doing?" Hmm, who's he talking to, I wondered. "You've got a package." He was talking to me, through my open window.

That's what I love about my mail man, and the fact that my mailbox is on my front porch, rather than on the street. Growing up, I always thought of mail men as the people who got pissed off if you parked your car too close to the mailbox. Now I have a friendly mail man with whom I've developed a pretty congenial relationship. Because he knows I'm often home working in the afternoons, he took the time today to look into my window to see if I was, in fact, at my desk.

What sort of package did he deliver? A book called Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things by George Lakoff (well known, I think, as the "metaphor guy"). This book's about the language of catagorization and what that tells us about cognition. Fascinating.


At 10:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i wish the best for you both...?

At 10:53 AM, Blogger seanfrancis said...

I appreciate your kind benediction, anonymous. Although I must say it's interesting to me that simple courtesy and congeniality seem to have confounded you. Normally we reserve "I wish the best for you both" for newlyweds or lovers.

You may want to consult your etiquette handbook for a more appropriate commendation next time. Cheers! --SF


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