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Monday, October 16, 2006

Yeah, I heard it on NPR

I was in the KERA/NPR studio today, and the in-studio engineer, Gini, was talking to me and the senior engineer, Eric, about her dinner at Texas de Brazil over the weekend. "Did you have anything but meat?" Eric asked.

"Yeah, I had a little bit of salad, and I had some really good tabouli, too."

"Tabouli at a Brazilian restaurant?" Eric asked.

"Yeah, apparently Brazil has a pretty big Lebanese population," replied Gini.

"Actually," I said, "Brazil has the largest Lebanese population outside of Lebanon." Ohhh, snap. "Yeah, I heard that on...."

Yeah, I heard it on NPR. Oops. In fact, most of my small talk, erudition, and anything in between comes from things that I hear on NPR. It's amazing I'm able to say anything at all when I'm in that studio.


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