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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Walking to the bar, not trolling for women, Friday night

Last night I was walking to a bar with a friend--a male friend--and a guy passing us in his car called to us. "Hey fags!" he said. He was trying make his voice sexy yet mocking. I don't know if my friend heard, but even if he did, we didn't discuss. Men walk to bars together without women all the time. I wonder what seemed so different about us.

One incident would be easy to forget, but this is the third time recently someone has made such an assumption, and the second time I've been called a "fag" from a stranger passing in a car. The first time was several months ago in the French Quarter. Then, a couple weeks ago, a dinner guest made a really akward comment that made me think that he thought I was gay because of my baking ability. My readers should know that, of course, I'm not gay. I'm a pretty decent baker, though.


At 7:24 PM, Blogger bw1020 said...


I will admit I have wondered at times if two men walking alone to a destination that I am unaware of are in a sexual relationship. I don't think that I have yet to yell out obscenities; while sober. Maybe it was the distance between you two as you walked or the sparkle in your eyes from intriguing conversation. Who can say really. I would say it had far more to do with the passerby's lack of formal education.

At 7:31 AM, Blogger suzette said...

in the most diplomatic way, i say, "f$ck those guys."

what idiots.

i'm excited to see you this week. it will be a short visit, so let me know when you're free. thursday is looking like a champ if you want to meet up for coffee.


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